Carol Abohatab brings four decades of performing, teaching, and choreographing to WGI, training and choreographing for the Santa Clara Vanguard winter guard for its 11 year tenure, as well as Bluecoats Indoor, San Jose Raiders World guard, and Emerald Marquis. Shes had the opportunity to play with many others, some of which include Northview High School, Arcadia, Mission Viejo, Miamisburg, Palm Desert, as well as Fantasia, Pride, and Opus 10.

Color guard prompted her to further explore dance, and she has spent a significant amount of her time in the activity refining dance techniques, helping to make them a genuine part of color guard choreography. I turn, this has helped make color guard a respected part of the dance world. Carol earned both BS and MFA degrees in Dance Performance, Choreography, and Physical Education. She then formed the Vanguard Dance Company, which allowed aspiring dancers in the color guard world to dance side-by-side with professionals.

Carol has studied with and performed in the works of Janice Garrett, Li Ciao Ping, Joe Goode, Alwin Nikolais, and Murray Louis, and has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and in New York City. She currently teaches Modern, Jazz, Choreography, Repertory and Improvisation at San Jose City College, and Yoga and Pilates at Evergreen Valley College. With her solo endeavor, OpenSpacesDance, which is based on gesture, improvisation, and story telling, she has completed four artist- in-residence programs in Italy, and is currently completing her fifth with a site-specific video project for Slow Road, in conjunction with La Macina di San Cresci and the University of Florence.

Carol has been on the WGI Steering Committee since 2009, and has published a dance training video set available on wgi.org.