Don Click is co-founder of Independent World Class percussion group Music City Mystique and served as the Executive Director until 2006. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors and is the Director of Creativity on the Design Team.

Don currently teaches, programs and is responsible for the visual design for groups in all classes of WGI percussion competition. He has, and continues to design, consult and program for many groups across all classes of the WGI percussion division and has had many finalists and medal recipients in his 22 year WGI career. He is a sought after judge both for fall marching band competitions as well as winter percussion shows.

How can Don bring value to your production?

His ability to see the big picture and make suggestions that will give you the details that contribute to the success of the whole.

By using words and descriptors that are tailored to the teaching/design level of the staff. His comments have the ability to be understood by all involved, including teaching staff and students.

Don takes into consideration the ability of the members themselves ensuring achievable recommendations.

While coordination of the audio and visual design aspects are so important, his comments about each element of the production will enhance other elements within the program. He realizes the importance of how the audio and visual components act in harmony for maximum effect.

Within Winter Guard International, Don has held the responsibilities of being a member of the Percussion Advisory Board, Percussion Steering Committee, and member of the Board of Directors. He was inducted into the Winter Guard International Hall of Fame in 2010 and the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit Hall of Fame in 2013. Don currently serves on the WGI Executive Committee as Treasurer. He also served as President of the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit where he was formerly the Percussion Coordinator