When you think of iconic WGI shows, some of Daves might come to mind. Whether its Northglenn Percussion Theatres post-apocalyptic Waterworld, the heart-wrenching story in Life After Life, the WGI Fan Favorite zombie show, Deadbeats, or the Blue Knights History of Flight, Elements, Zodiac, Minds of Madness; Dave’s shows bring a quality of design and entertainment value that connects with students, fans, and judges alike.

Dave has been involved in the pageantry arts for 40 years. In the past 20 years with WGI, he has had medalists and finalists in every competing class. He arranges and designs for batterie, front ensembles, marching, and concert percussion. In 2014, Dave was asked to create a Winds group for the very first exhibition launch of WGI Winds. In 2015, his quirky Winds show, A Timely Manor, won the first ever Winds Fan Favorite from WGI spectators. With his vast experience and knowledge of the pageantry arts, Dave is the perfect choice to enhance ALL aspects of your show, tailored to your groups ability level, and help bring your ideas to life!

In 2008, Dave, along with Jay Webb, was one of the first two designers to be inducted to the WGI Hall of Fall. Dave is also a Hall of Fame Member of the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association (RMPA). He served on the WGI steering committee, and various other positions, for the past 20 years. He also was RMPAs President for over a decade.

Dave enjoys judging marching band and indoor percussion circuits throughout the country and overseas. As an artist/clinician for Yamaha, he spends his time in the summer traveling to educate hundreds of students enrolled in the Yamaha Sounds of Summer clinics.

In 2003, Dave created the first official Drumline of the NFL, The Stampede, for the Denver Broncos. As a facet of Ascend Performing Arts, this outstanding entertainment group performs at every home football game and continues to thrill audiences at events throughout the year.

Dave is an Artist for Yamaha, Malletech, Zildjian, and Evan Drumheads.